postpartum support

holding space & offering love to new mamas in tuolumne county

i.  the vow to feed you

During each visit, I will bring food for breakfast, lunch, & dinner, as well as nourishing snacks. Remaining mindful of personal preference + dietary need (vegan, GF, etc), I will craft a menu based around traditional & healing recipes that have nourished new mamas across the ages. For breakfast, you may have a spiced porridge, for lunch a squash soup, and for dinner, a Mama Bowl, tipping with healing herbs and plants and grains. 

ii.  the vow to warm you

In traditional cultures, the first 40 days postpartum are viewed as a time of vulnerability to the cold (literally, and metaphorically, with postpartum depression often reaching fingers from the shadows). With loving touch, hot stone uterine massage, belly binding, and Reiki, I will soothe your tired bones & make sure that you're warm in all ways.

iii.  the vow to ease your burdens

For you, light housework may once have been a common daily or weekly task. But now, with a babe sleeping sweetly at the breast (and maybe another babe or two running between your knees), laundry and dusting and dishes are the farthest thing from your focus! Luckily, I can help with those things, too. I understand that keeping a tidy house isn't the priority of new mothers - however, that doesn't mean that you don't deserve to nest in a clean, organized space! Light housework (laundry, tidying up, dishes, organizing, etc) is included in my daily visits.

iv.  the vow to hear you 

The immersion into new motherhood is very much like diving, heart-first, into a warm pool of milk and honey. You are in love, and overwhelmed, and changed, and needing, all at once. You're swimming day and night and day again, trying to keep your chin above the surface, trying to breathe easily, gracefully, with care to both your own body, and the one you've created. This transition is tender, and if we don't tiptoe through it carefully, we can come out on the other side subtly damaged and scarred.

One of the things new mothers need the most is to feel heard. And that's why I'm here, too. Though I'm not a trained therapist, I can vow that I will hold your hand and sit beside you through all of the crashing waves. We can share stories and laugh and cry and nod at the strange familiarity of it all. I will receive your complaints and worries with empathy and understanding. I have done this, too. You are not alone.

what's included?

food as medicine, helping hands, & loving arms. 4 hours a day, for 7 healing days.


F O O D  &  H E R B S.  7 days of meals. dskjfnskdjfk ewjkfwnekf wekjfnwkejf wekjfnwekjfnwkfw ekjfnwke fwkjenfwkejfwknk 

H E L P I N G  H A N D S.  knflsdf sldklkfwnelkw felkfwnelkfnwlekf wlkefmwlek fwlkemfwlekf wlekwelkfnwelkfmwmelkfm.

L O V I N G  A R M S.  njfnskjf skdjfnsfjqnekrjgw kjwnefkjnjfnskjf skdjfnsfjqnekrjgw kjwnefkjnjfnskjf skdjfnsfjqnekrjgw kjwnefkj

how does it work?

The transition from Maiden to Mother, or from Mother of One to Mother of Two or More, is tender and hazy and leaves most new mamas feeling needing & fragile. That's why I'm here. For you, I will offer one week of gentle nourishment for body & spirit alike. I come to you, whenever you need me - whether the first week immediately after the babe arrives, or a month later, after you've had time to be.  

I have been trained both as a Postpartum Doula, and a Mother Roaster (a more traditional, sacred form of mother-care). I also apply my training in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda & Nutrition to my Mother Care program.


My offerings are gentle, and subtle, and will leave you feeling supported, and celebrated, and nourished.  

how far will i travel?

Though I generally only work with mothers in both Tuolumne + Calaveras County, I am willing to travel up to 3 hours, with a petite additional travel fee. I am available to travel 5+ hours, if accommodations are provided for myself, and my family if need be.

how much does it cost?

One week of full postpartum care is $650. This includes all meals, services & gifts. Free travel within Tuolumne & Calaveras counties. Payments can be arranged & spread out however you'd like.

i'm here for you.

If you're interested in my support & care, please fill out the petite for below, & I'll get back to you within 24 hours.