Slot Overview: Ghouls & Jewels

Kalamba Games is a varied bunch, launching slots that sometimes fly under the radar and sometimes hit a home run with gamers. The studio looks to be laying down the gauntlet in Goblins & Gemstones for risk-takers who enjoy a good challenge and are willing to reap the benefits of their efforts. Big numbers are generated in the game using a potentially dangerous mathematical methodology. Goblins & Gemstones is a fun game overall, but there are several things you should know before you tackle the monster. Now we shall discover their nature.

Let’s not beat about the bush, shall we? Goblins & Gemstones has deep ties to Gringotts Bank that cannot be ignored. You already know where Harry’s parents hid the money for him to access when he turned 18. Hagrid told Harry that he took him there because it was “one of the safest places on earth,” second only to Hogwarts. Players will want to collect the money thrown about, so let’s hope this one isn’t too secure.

In a word, it’s a 5-reel, 1,024-payline slot set in a bank vault where the goblins in charge don’t want you to leave. While not an original thought, Kalamba has successfully recreated it. Goblins & Gemstones has top-notch visuals, an excellent music, and a plethora of animations both in-game and on the paytable to bring everything together. The sum is quite cool, and it creates a positive vibe.

Now let’s look at Kalamba’s contributions to the game’s key metrics. To begin, the studio has assessed the volatility as a perfect 10, or “high” in simple English. There are two variations of the RTP, with 96.3% as the base and 97.10% with the HyperBonus in play. Features activate at a surprising rate for a game with such a potentially punishing premise; yet, you shouldn’t expect to break down the vault door and grab armfuls of jewels every time. Values of symbols are reduced to make up for the frequent feature reductions and a hit frequency of 23.23%.

Goblins & Gemstones has 11 standard icons that may be used to win money. Six are royals with a value of 9, while the remaining five are made up of keys, scales, and three goblins. In most cases, you’ll need at least three of a kind to win, however the highest premium just requires two of a kind. If five premiums symbols appear in a row, you’ll win anywhere from 1.8% to 4% of your wager. With 1,024 ways to win, players may increase their bankrolls by simply spinning in a combination of symbols that begins on the leftmost reel and continues across neighboring reels. The treasure chest wild may replace any other symbol save for the scatter.

Slot Functions, Including Ghosts and Jewels

In the main game, there are three different colored gems that can fall from the sky at any time, and each one corresponds to a collecting meter on the right side of the display. Now, the collecting meter for each type of gem stone is increased as soon as it appears in view. When 20 of a certain gem’s symbols have been gathered, the game awards the player with the corresponding 5 Collection Spins:

When a green gem appears, the Scatter Split function activates, and one symbol is split into two at random. These symbols can count as either 2 or 3 matching symbols on the reel they appear on, and they pay regardless of where they land.

The Paired Reels bonus is triggered by red gems. A certain number of adjacent reels are chosen at random and set to display the same symbols before the game begins.

Locked Symbols are activated when blue diamonds are collected. Once again, one symbol is chosen at random, and more instances of it are placed to the uppermost reels in seemingly random positions.

If, however, three scatter symbols appear, the player receives two times the wager plus access to one of three bonus games. The main difference is that now you get 7, 8, or 10 free spins in the Scatter Split, Locked Symbols, and Paired Reels games. The +1 symbol can appear during bonus rounds, giving the player one additional spin.

Finally, the HyperBonus is conditional on local law. Players can choose one of three bonus games, just like they were triggered by scatter symbols, for the very accurate sum of 49.4x their stake.

The Slots’ Final Say on Ghosts ‘n’ Gems

Raging Bull was a turning point for Kalamba Games, and Goblins & Gemstones carries on that trend. Raging Bull’s critics say the game’s high quality gameplay potential isn’t fully realized. This criticism cannot stand in the face of the potential payouts in Goblins & Gemstones, which may be up to 38,890 times the initial wager. Here are some characteristics to think about before charging in to fight the goblins.

First of all, unlike in games like Twin Spin, the reels on Paired Reels don’t move about the grid at random. In the initial HyperBonus activation, reels 1-3 were coupled, guaranteeing a win on every spin. Even after 22 straight wins, we still hadn’t broken even since the value of a three of a kind is so low.

The same thing happens with Locked Symbols; once they are established, there is no way to increase them, unlike in games like White Rabbit. It’s to their credit that picking the wild occasionally results in a winning streak. Finally, Split Symbols require a bit more technical know-how than meets the eye. Even with the triple variation, you still need at least three tiles (or two of the top goblins) to build a combination and win. Compared to xWays or the Splitz mechanism, it’s clearly inferior.

After making such findings, there are also many pluses. The massive maximum gain is there, of course, and the correspondingly unpredictable mathematical model. There was a plethora of content, thus players never found themselves without options. However, if they don’t happen often enough, you can save money by just buying them. Overall, Goblins & Gemstones is a solid offering from Kalamba, and it’s a lot of fun.

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